about us

Introducing us

Due to the growth and expansion of the composite industry in the country, Pishro Sazeh Payvand Bartava Company has been established with the aim of providing specialized services in the field of composites, especially resin composites, glass fibers. Despite the fact that it has not been long since the establishment of this company, the long history of the founders of the company in the composite industry has caused the company to produce various types of epoxy and nanopox adhesives in a scientific and fully engineered way. Type of adhesives for use in various industries.

Production of pipes

Production of various epoxy adhesives

Production of advanced parts and composites

Production of composite pipes and fittings

Why choose us

Pishro Sazeh Payvand Bartava Company is a knowledge-based company in the field of producing epoxy adhesives with special formulations and due to the technical and engineering knowledge and innovation in its products, it has been accepted as a technology company in Khorasan Razavi Science and Technology Park. Technical production of various types of epoxy adhesives and fiberglass parts and pipes with special and composite design (composite and metal). Adhesives produced by Pishro Sazeh Payvand Company have been produced for use in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, water and sewage industries, aerospace, marine and construction industries, and based on the experiments performed on them, the results of which are mentioned in the datasheet related to each adhesive. The quality of the adhesives produced by this company is not only competitive with its foreign counterparts, but in many cases it is superior to them.

Our field of work

  • Oil and gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater, aerospace and marine industries, including EPOLOCK 2100, EPOLOCK 2200, EPOLOCK 3100, EPOLOCK 5100 and EPOLOCK 6100 adhesives
  • Construction Industries Group EPOLOCK 1100, EPOLOCK 1100F, EPOLOCK 1200 and EPOLOCK 1300
  • Epoxy adhesives with high strength and toughness formulated based on customer needs and desires
  • Formulation and production of various epoxy adhesives
  • Production of pipes, fittings and composite parts of GRP, GRVE and GRE type
  • Production of advanced and high tech parts and composites based on carbon-epoxy system, etc.
  • Production of various pipes and composite fittings with thermolastic liners such as PP and PVC liners
  • Production of fireproof insulation and fire retardants and temperature resistant composites
  • Production of various components and conductive and antistatic composite coatings
  • Production of various parts and anti-corrosion composite coatings
  • Performing composite engineering services in the field of composite parts design based on detailed engineering and software analysis
  • Providing engineering services in the field of installation and commissioning of composite pipe lines and line stress analysis based on Caesar II software