Adhesives for connecting and repairing fiberglass pipes

How to use adhesives The connection of fiberglass pipes is as follows. Add the hardener to the resin and mix thoroughly until smooth, creating a one-handed, one-color mixture. The stirring process should take at least 2 to 3 minutes. Table of storage conditions and use of adhesive
Adhesive storage temperature
Suitable temperature for mixing hardener and resin
Inadequate temperature for mixing resin and hardener, mixing at this temperature causes the adhesive to work improperly and to be too viscous
Temperature that causes the adhesive to gel very quickly
35-5 degrees Celsius
35-20 degrees Celsius
below 15 degrees Celsius
above 40 degrees Celsius
Before mixing the two components of the adhesive, all the necessary preparations have been made on the pipe and the place where the adhesive is applied, because the adhesive starts to thicken and gel within a short time after mixing at room temperature. The maximum allowable storage time of the adhesive after mixing is mentioned.
Ambient temperature in degrees Celsius 20 25 30 35 40
Adhesive weight
100 grams 35 minutes 30 minutes 25 minutes 20 minutes 15 minutes
200 grams 30 minutes 25 minutes 20 minutes 15 minutes 10 minutes

Never use glue that has completely thickened and the geling process has begun.

In order to fully cure EPOLOCK 2200 adhesive, it is necessary to wrap an electric heating blanket (Heating Blanket) suitable for the size of the tube around the place where the adhesive is applied. Make sure that the blanket used is healthy and creates the required temperature. The blanket should be secured in place with a heat-resistant wire.

All parts of the adhesive must be in direct contact with the electric blanket. If the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius or a strong wind is blowing, it is necessary to cover the blanket with suitable insulation. If the end of the tube is open, it is necessary to cover the end of the glued tube to prevent the surface from cooling.